Casie and Jason

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Our Story

The story of Casie and Jason all started from a Golden State Warriors game - Game 4 of the 2014-’15 Western Conference Semi-Finals against the Memphis Grizzlies, to be exact. Jason and Casie had their first encounter of seeing each other at Golden Gate Tap Room with an introduction from a mutual friend. Well actually -- Casie only got a glimpse of Jason’s side profile and a quick “hey" as he was too focused on watching the game.

Well luckily they had more chances to get to know each other through sloshball games, hiking/camping trips, and kickbacks. Jason then fell hard for Casie. He asked her out, hoping for a slam dunk, but unfortunately was blocked. Friendzoned. It wasn’t until Casie forgot a tent at Jason’s house, which consequently was not good for a Yosemite camping trip, that Jason couldn’t help to LOL and tease Casie endlessly about. Jason persevered after more time passed, gathered the rebound, and took the game winning shot - taking Casie out on a date, which she finally said yes to. It was officially game over once Jason treated Casie to boba.

Casie and Jason can’t wait to celebrate with all their family and friends as they both get something much more valuable than a GSW championship ring - wedding bands to wear for a lifetime.

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by Thursday, July 1, 2021

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Casie & Jason's Wedding

4:00 PM, October 9, 2021

Loulu Palm Farm Estate

58-057 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

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Know Before You Go

COVID Guidelines

We have been following all the updates that are happening with Hawaii in terms of guidelines and protocols. At this time, we are hopeful that we can move forward with our wedding.

As of May 11, 2021, individuals fully vaccinated in the State of Hawaii may travel inter-island without pre-travel testing or quarantining. Travelers from the mainland will still be required to produce a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours of a flight.

A good resource to look for updates is: Hawaii Tourism Authority
Please follow all important instructions given by your airlines to ensure your arrival.

We will be following all COVID protocols and guidelines set forth by the government for a happy and safe wedding!

Casie and Jason's HI Guide

We created a simple guide of places to eat and do while in Hawaii! We hope you enjoy everything that Oahu has to offer!

Important Details

How shall I get to the wedding?
  • To all our travelers, we definitely recommend renting a car. Ride-share services in Hawaii are expensive and may be difficult to get one especially in North Shore. Please rent a car in advance as soon as possible as they are currently being sold out quick.

Will there be parking available?
  • We will have valet for overcrowding of cars at the venue, so to make for quicker exits we do highly encourage for everybody to carpool.

Can I help take photos of the wedding ceremony?
  • We will be having an unplugged ceremony. We kindly ask for everybody to turn off all cell phones and electronics as we make our promises to each other. No worries, we do have professionals, who will help us document the whole moment to share with you all.

What should I wear?
  • Please wear ALOHA attire.
  • Men: Button down shirt, polo or aloha shirt. Slacks (No jeans, please!) Dress shoes.
  • Women: Sundress, muumuu (long dress). Top with skirt or dressy pants. Dressy sandals. (We do recommend no stilettos as we would be on grassy grounds.)
  • Important note: Please do not wear white as that color will be reserved for the bride.

Can I bring a guest?
  • We apologize, but we will only be able to accommodate those listed under your RSVP.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan/special diet options?
  • We will do our best to accommodate any dietary requirements.
  • Please make sure to include this with your RSVP so we can work with the caterer!


Turtle Bay Resort

This hotel is the closest to our venue. It is only a 6 minute drive to the venue.
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Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore

It is slightly cheaper than Turtle Bay Resort and is roughly a 15 minute drive to the venue.
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There are tons of cheaper Airbnb options in the area as well! We'd recommend looking in the following areas so you aren't too far from all the fun: Kuilima Cove, Haleiwa, or Kahuku.
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VRBO has some alternate options to compared to Airbnb! We'd recommend looking in the following areas so you aren't too far from all the fun: Kuilima Cove, Haleiwa, or Kahuku.
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Our "I Do" squad

Deidre Gontinas

Matron of Honor

Deidre knew Casie from back in the days of wearing purple uniforms and playing Mario Kart during recess at Highlands Intermediate. Instead of spending money at the manapua truck, nowadays these two use their adult money all on boba adventures or margaritas shenanigans at Chili's. Deidre can easily read Casie's mind, which makes these two the perfect partners-in-crime. Beware if you start hearing any horrendous and ugly laughing at the reception because they are probably concocting up some crazy and silly antic.

Kong Sham

Best Man

It all began on the UC Irvine outdoor basketball courts, where Jason rained 3's after 3's on Kong. It was not until Kong made the best decision to move up to the Bay Area - since then they've been each other's hiking, camping, and beer pong champion partners. If Kong is not found on the wedding day, send a search party to the beach as he would be found with his fishing pole trying to reel a big one in from the ocean.

Lauren Babuik

Maid of Honor

Lauren met Casie on their first day out when studying abroad in Korea and they instantly bonded. First being shopping buddies at Myeongdong Market to now being travel adventure partners and going places like Lisbon and Vegas. Although they live in different countries, no matter the timezone, Lauren is 24/7 on #TeamCasie and always makes the time to write life advice messages whenever Casie needed it. They truly have the best long distance relationship and will be taking TONS of cute pictures together when they reunite.

Kenny Baba


Kenny has been Jason's day 1 homie since they were dorm mates during their first year at UC Irvine. Both Yay Area kids, they bonded over their love for Bay Area Sports especially, of course, the Golden State Warriors. Be sure to get your chance to get "stupid, dumb, and hyphy" with Kenny when that Bay Area music hits on the dance floor.

Cu Yung Thomas


Cu, a fellow band geek, sat a row behind Casie during the grueling hours of practice. Long gone are the years of playing double-reed instruments and fortunately now both of them glowed up with much better haircuts and fashion styles. Though, what will always remain the same is the loving support for one another and making each other laugh with stupid memes. If Casie turns into bridezilla, count on Cu to get her smiling again. (Peep her cute little chicken on her lap!)

Alan Liang


The year of '08, Jason joined DSP and met a young and scrawny freshman named Alan. Now, Alan has been to the gym since then (Jason will take some credit for that) and over these past years Jason learned that Alan is one of the most easygoing and fun guy to hang out with. When the wedding reception starts, he would make a beeline to the bar with Jason as he's the best instigator to have Jason, along with the rest of the party, to get loose and have fun.

Coco Kendall


Coco was Casie's work desk buddy and lunch partner when working at Fabernovel. Casie can always count on Coco for the best girls' night out. A night filled with good wine and great conversation as they would drink and talk all the way to the restaurant's closing hours (or till they are kicked out). Coco's outgoing and sweet personality is going to be the best addition to the wedding as she can keep the party going!

Eric Huang


Eric was the one who made sure Jason proved his worth to DSP, as his ultimate final test to Jason was to collect enough can tabs. Jason had to search through a lot of recycling bins, and finally managed to pass. Despite Eric's horrible flaw of loving the Lakers, Eric proved his worth of being cool to Jason as they both were diehard fans of the 49ers and they would go into texting frenzies during every football game. Jason is glad to have Eric as his cheerleader when Jason makes the ultimate touchdown of him saying "I do!"

Cy Carnate

Emcee & big brother

For 16 years, Cy enjoyed being the only child, until Casie came along. From Casie being the baby cheerleader at Cy's basketball games to now always being Cy's cheerleader for life. You can blame much of Casie's quirks, such as her corniness and dislike to eating with her hands, to this guy. Casie and Jason are so lucky to have Cy be the emcee at their wedding, maybe he'll even do a better job than Casie's 8th grade dance (maybe with less embarrassment... hopefully.)

Ihi Patton & Ryan Kodama

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer


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